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Experience the working watermill

Mill entrance: off The Town Mill courtyard
Milling tours: Daily, 11am to 4pm,  subject to volunteer availability.  Please call first if planning a special journey to avoid disappointment.

The Town Mill has delivered flour to the local community since at least the 1300s. The Miller's tour guides you through the three floors of the stone-built watermill and unfolds the art of flour making.

A miller's tale

One of our volunteers tells us about his milling shift: "I'm listening to the deep fluctuating rumble of the millstone and the metallic chatter of the damsel. The sound tells me all is well. On the stone floor I adjust the hopper shoe to slow the damsel's delivery and open the sluice gate a few turns to allow the water from the river Lym to produce more energy.

I keep everything at the right pitch. I'm watching the heavy water wheel slowly turning, its wooden buckets filling with water and delivering unending power. I can feel wood and stone vibrating. The smell of flour dust and grease edged with a hint of ozone from the rushing water tells me all is as it should be and I know I belong – to a line of millers stretching back almost a thousand years."

The waterwheel may turn gently, but the massive half-ton millstones, spinning at over 80 revolutions per minute, crack and grind the wheat in a tumult of sights and sounds.

A major aim of the restoration project was achieved in 2001:
the wheel and stones turned again for the first time in 75 yearsred-arrow

come and join usOur volunteer miller, Marie, is milling organic Tamarisk Farm wheat next Saturday morning, come and see how she's getting on.