Jackie Williams 26th August – 1st September Courtyard Gallery

Jackie grew up in Lyme Regis, the daughter of Harry Williams, town clerk of the town for many years, along with her twin sister, Gilly, sister Mandy and brother Howard. The family spent long summers on the beach and they had a wonderful childhood living here.

While still at school, Jackie was painting ‘local views’ for a local art gallery in the centre of town, run by Margaret and Ivor Wilson (otherwise known as ‘Anton’). After studying art at the West of England College of Art, Bristol, she worked in London and Bath, still painting and freelancing for agencies, and began working in marketing. She moved North to work on advertising projects for Bass, Matthew Brown, Jennings and other breweries, and this work included interior design. She set up an interior design business in Chorley, Lancashire, and worked on schemes for national breweries and private customers before focusing on graphic design for a growing client list as Primary Graphics full service graphic design consultancy was established.

The business has been working on branding and marketing for clients in all sectors of industry for over 30 years based in Chorley, helping clients to position themselves correctly in the marketplace by establishing a unique brand identity that makes them stand out from the competition. Now she has taken this one step further through ‘artfortheworkplace.co.uk’ helping them create an impact on the walls of their workplace that will inspire and motivate their staff, increase production and impress their customers.

In recent years she has focussed once again on her ‘first love’ – painting – and created  Heapey Gallery, a virtual gallery, and has sold work to clients in Lancashire and further afield in the UK and America via social media. During the Covid-19 lockdown she has built a collection that contains titles to suit every mood – from ‘coastal’, ‘industrial’ and ‘floral’ to ‘shabby chic’ and ‘venetian’ with a unique range of frames to complement the look.

Having grown up by the sea, Lyme still features in many of her paintings, along with semi abstract seascapes that evoke the spirit of coastal living. Many of her paintings are inspired by memories of places visited on travels. Others are purely abstract impressionism where colour and texture create a feeling or mood and replace fine representational detail. She also undertakes commissions creating paintings that suit the style of a home, while projecting something of the owner into the scheme, along the lines of the TV show ‘Home is where the Art is’.

A recent work is an impression of Lyme Regis that conjures up everything this lovely town has to offer. This has already gone down well in Lancashire, so she hopes it will appeal even more to people who are here and know and love the town. Back home in Chorley she is Chairman of the local art group and arranges many exhibitions for them, but was delighted to get this opportunity to exhibit in the Town Mill Galleries.

6th January 2021