Changing Places Courtyard Gallery 20th -27th November

Elaine Ford

20 th – 27 th November 2019

“Changing Places”

Elaine is a contemporary impressionist-style landscape artist with a
passion for the sea and strong use of colour. She has also worked
in the Film and Television Industry for 30 years as a Stunt Co-
ordinator/Performer. Consequently, her emotive paintings are an
amalgamation of high drama, imagination and memory. Her career
has constantly involved switching between fantasy and reality and
this is reflected in her art practice, where she endeavours to
immerse the viewer, inviting them to explore hidden and changing
places, that in the real world don’t always exist. To see more of her
unique style, visit or e mail: to find out more.

Artist Statement:
“The sea is my initial starting point and touch stone. The interaction with
materials is the way I engage myself with the unconscious/subconscious and
actual sea and the concepts of sea, I can use in whichever direction I choose.
The physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an intrinsic part of
my practice, whereby I lose myself in the materiality of the painting process.
Strong colour, an impression of movement and energy characterises my
An important value within my life has been 'the dramatic' and is a central
thread in everything I become involved with. Subsequently, these qualities that
I value, have been my guideline for the constituents of my art making within
the last few years. My paintings involve the application of a wide range of
mixed media and materials, which continues to develop my practice further,
whilst pushing the boundaries with new methods and ideas".

21st October 2019