Chasing Rainbows : Russell Coulson : July 12th until 21st : 1000-1700 daily

Russell Coulson has drawn and painted all his life having had an entire career in design, working as an art director for a number of high profile agencies internationally including J. Walter Thompson, Lintas and Saatchi & Saatchi. He also worked in design for both the BBC and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company). In addition, he as worked as a designer & illustrator for many leading magazines, periodicals and publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Reader’s Digest.

For a number of years he was an accredited illustrator and designer for Disney an Warner Bros, and was a consultant designer for licence houses in London, Germany and Scandinavia. The licences characters he worked on included Winne the Pooh, Rupert Bear, Looney Tunes and characters from Dandy and Beano.

Russell has drawn and painted all his life and has exhibited internationally. His landscapes are spontaneous and he uses mixed media to enable him to retain the emotion and idea of a moment and then quickly move on to the next concept, never allowing his painting to become overworked or stagnant.

Russell’s seascapes are na├»ve and instant representations of the coastline. They are graphic, stylised and colourful, creating vibrant patchworks of tone and movement. Sometimes they are inspired by actual places, sometimes they are imaginary and use the idea of a situation to create play and balance between colour and shape. Perspective is often destroyed and a “rolling” perspective created to allow more images to be observed and a graphic relationship created.

Russell also produces figurative and portrait artwork. He loves to exaggerate shapes and colours, taking them to their optimum state. He has always been fascinated by the potential of line drawing and how far a line can be pushed before the drawing collapses or becomes a cartoon. Some reviewers have called this “personal handwriting”. He believes in being brave with colour and exploiting both its vibrancy and its unique and powerful ability to create atmosphere.

10th June 2024