Chelsea Davine ‘No line on the Horizon’ 5th – 11th August

‘No line on the Horizon’ is a joint exhibition between Esther and Chelsea. Esther has spent time walking the South West Coast Path in Dorset and recording her time by painting en plein air, sketching and drawing as she walked. Focusing on the sky and how the light influences our view of the landscape, always familiar but ever changing, inviting you to feel as though you could step into her work and enjoy the beauty of the every day. Esther’s work exploring the passing of time through painting every day, recording her daily exercise during our nations three lockdowns are currently part of ‘Grayson Perry’s Art Club’ exhibition at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Chelsea often returns to the same themes and shares the same sensibilities as Esther. In recent solo shows in London and Barcelona her work explored the importance of light and Chiaroscuro. She uses predominantly oil on canvas but also works with steel and seawater. Chelsea often references the coast and her time growing up in and around Dorset. This collection includes pieces inspired by long, hot summer days and cold, blustery winter walks. This is often through the woods with glimpses of the sea in the distance or looking out towards the horizon on a summer’s day. Chelsea captures the blurring of the horizon in a heat haze, sunset or sunrise or blend into the clouds and with driving rain.

Esther and Chelsea (who was known as Carrie when she was young) are old family friends who have reconnected through sharing their art work on social media.   



18th April 2022