Drawn to Paint an Exhibition by Stephen Collins 14th October-23rd October Malthouse Gallery

Stephen Collins – Drawn to Paint


Using colour and the simplicity of graphite lines these new paintings and drawings explore memory, feelings and the environment.

They range from plein air figurative ones to more abstract studio work.

Stephen Collins


I find painting just as engrossing and challenging today as when I first picked up a brush some thirty five years ago.

My favourite medium is oil paint though drawing with graphite or ink comes a close second.

I use oils as their slow pace suits my way of working. I like their boldness, their rich lustre and the flow of them. Not least that their familiar smell warms my heart as I enter the studio.

In painting I spend almost as much time looking and thinking about the work as I do painting. Finding the right balance and harmony, without losing any dynamic tension the work might have, completely absorbs me.

I paint mainly from memory, sketches or the imagination. Although I enjoy painting en plein air for the discipline it demands, I find the lack of map or subject matter inherent in more abstract work the greater adventure. The frustrations and occasional despair add to the satisfaction when the piece finally comes to fruition some weeks, months and occasionally years later.

If you would like to see more of my work you can find it on my Instagram account, stevewooth

or my website www.stephencollins-painter.com

27th August 2019