ELEMENTS OF NATURE : 19th – 25th April 2024 : Chloe Morter, Matt Calder, Helen Challinor, Ann Bruford & Kerry Johnstone : Daily 1000-1700

Elements of Nature brings together the work of 5 artists working in diverse media, all taking their inspiration from nature. 

Chloe Morter makes intricate textile pieces, often with birds as their centrepiece and a decorative embroidered collage as a backdrop, celebrating the diversity and minutiae of nature’s flora and forna. 

Matt Calder works in English timbers (and mostly Devon hardwoods – Beech, Sycamore, Oak, Ash and Elm) making large scale hollow forms and wall hangings, with a strong sculptural quality.  Matt is recognised as one of the UK’s most contemporary woodturners, constantly pushing the design potential of the material. His work is mostly large scale, drawing inspiration from ceramics, coastal erosion, Neolithic designs and themes such as birth and rebirth.

Matt’s portfolio also includes a large two-dimensional theme with wall hangings and wall sculpture. As erosion, and the exposure of different forms from the weather is a recurring theme, riverbeds, rock strata, and the movements of the sea and sand are all inspirations for these pieces.

Helen Challinor works in stoneware clay, combining functionality with natural forms decorated in glazes that evolke moods of the sea, using subtle shades of blues and greens.

Ann Bruford is a mixed media artist and contemporary jeweller who is debuting her latest sculptural ceramics that explore surface, place and landscape as signifiers of human experience.

Kerry Johnstone’s paintings often depict the South West coast and Dartmoor, exploring the impact of the elements on man-made structures such as breakwaters, as well as on natural forms including rocks and trees. 

11th March 2024