Frances Dale and Vanessa Smith Courtyard Gallery 27th May-

Frances Dale, BA hons.

After a life of work, children etc, I studied  art and art and it’s histories as an adult student for about seven years. Now, finally, I have the time and space to indulge my love of painting. I paint what I like, what moves me, what takes my interest, whether it is a child at play, a window full of flowers, a landscape or the breathless intensity of a flamenco Dancer. My style is my own, I try not to be influenced by style or fashion. I hope you enjoy my work.


I was trained at Reigate Art College gaining an Arts Degree.  Since then I have studied with Jeffery Pickering, a well known Lyme Regis Artist, and lately with Mary Anne Wilmot at her studio The Old Pavilion Honiton.

I have always enjoyed working in a studio environment bringing me into contact with other artists.  I also work from home.

I use oils and acrylic mostly on my paintings with some mixed media.  Shape, form and colour always attracts my attention.   What ever subject I paint,  I try to express what moves me.  I hope that my paintings interest and move others and if not that they may enjoy the colours.

14th May 2019