Future of the Malt House and Court yard Gallery

Outcome of 10th May Interviews – Proposals and discussions for the future
use of Malthouse and Courtyard gallery/exhibition spaces.

The Town Mill Trust received three exciting, interesting and very different bids.
The presentations and discussion with all three proposers that took place on
Friday enabled us to flesh out to some degree the details and merits of each.
However, the submission from the Town Mill In House Team was the only one
that fully addressed our brief, covering all aspects in considerable detail. For that
reason the Trustees have therefore decided to award the contract to manage the
Malthouse and Courtyard gallery/exhibition spaces to the In House Team.
Henceforth all individuals, groups and businesses wishing to use either of the
two spaces to host an event or hold an exhibition will be required to book the
relevant slot through them. In addition the In House Team will also be managing
and organising a series of special events that will take place throughout the year.
In order to maximise the use of both the Malthouse and Courtyard Gallery and
best utilise the expertise of all three proposers, we wish to have further
discussions with each to try to find the best way forward by utilising aspects of
the various propositions.
The Trustees are determined to fulfil the Trust’s charitable aim towards the arts, and
believe this outcome provides the ‘best fit’ for the Town Mill as it currently stands,
and provides the opportunity through further negotiation with the various parties
to maximise the benefits, opportunities and maximum utilisation of the two
The Town Mill Trustees

13th May 2019