Alison Todd & Sue Barnes Layers 20th October – 2nd November Malthouse Gallery

Alison Todd and Sue Barnes – Layers

Alison Todd

Since having the time and freedom to develop my art work in the last two years, like many
others, I have been searching for a place to escape to.

I have always loved exploring the world and been fascinated by the power that nature has
and the power we, as humans, think we have. During these strange times, without the
usual chance to travel widely, I have become interested in narrating what living on this
stretch of the south coast means to me.

I have always been interested about how to capture the feeling of a place or a subject in
my creative work. Since living on the Jurassic coast, I have walked on the beaches in all
weathers and developed a sense of awe and respect for the fragile coastline. In my work, I
aim to capture just moments in the story of the changing cliffs, seas, beaches and skies.
The stories can be told by both big skies and as well as the tiny details in the cliffs and

Sue Barnes

Having been blessed with the opportunity to focus on my artistic career in more recent
years, I have, like many people, been able to refine my artistic aims over the last two
years. A couple of hospital visits have given me ‘thinking rather than doing’ time, which
has meant a move towards working on the kind of creating that I totally love.

My studio is once again a busy place and I have been working with different media to
create richness in my work. Layering translucent coloured tissue building up colour and
texture and fraying batiked fabric are already favourite techniques in both my two and
three-dimensional pieces and these continue to feature in my work.

The grandeur of our local coastline and the tiny details of a fuchsia are all sources of
inspiration for me. The shapes found in nature form the basis of most of my compositions
and I find that using textures of all kinds add depth and interest to each piece of work

6th January 2021