Jo Webster 4th April-10th April Footsteps at the Malt house Gallery 10am-5pm

Joe Webster is a ‘plein-air’ or outdoor painter capturing in the wild and beautiful
British landscape.
His award-winning paintings feature the seascapes, woodlands and moorland of the
South West of England. Working with the challenges of all types of weather Joe’s
paintings are elemental, sometimes serene, sometimes weather-beaten and wind-
swept; each recording the joy of being in the natural world. Sun, rain, mist, hail or
snow all interact with the paint creating vastly different effects in each work,
enhancing his play between abstraction and realism.
Alongside his original paintings Joe will be showcasing his stunning new book and
range of high quality prints and greetings cards.

Joe Webster’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Footsteps’ features his latest springtime and
coastal paintings captured along the length of the Jurassic Coast. Growing up in
Cornwall, the rugged Atlantic Coastline and Moorland landscapes have informed
much of Joe’s practice, serving as inspiration when painting and exhibiting
internationally. Joe was, however born in Weymouth and spent his early years in
Lyme. ‘My Footsteps exhibition has been a wonderful process of rediscovering my
early memories of landscape and a stunning stretch of coastline. More literally I
have been journeying along the beaches and coastline from Exeter to Poole, re-
tracing my footsteps, alongside the ancient geological and prehistoric footsteps
etched into stone.’

5th April 2019