Joe Webster Immersion 30th July-12th August Malthouse Gallery Immersion

“Being outdoors is an immersion in something greater than myself”



The Malthouse Gallery and Town Mill Trust are proud to be reopening their central gallery with the highly anticipated return of painter Joe Webster.


Behind each and every one of Joe Webster’s artworks is an essential connection with the natural world. His stunning artwork is fundamentally, a product of time spent outdoors in some of the wildest locations the southwest has to offer. This passion and desire to bring this feeling to canvas, is evident in his spectacular landscapes. As you lose yourselves in each piece of work, you can almost smell the blossoms, hear the crunch of leaves underfoot, feel the salt spray across your face. Joe beautifully captures the sights, sounds and scents of the natural world into a visual feast for the eyes.


Joe’s passion and commitment to seeking out these experiences, has been widely acknowledged and commended by the art community both locally and further afield. His award-winning paintings are held in private collections around the globe, touching lives as far apart as Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Brazil and the USA. Despite having travelled and painted internationally, Joe is always drawn back to his home in the Southwest of England. This small corner of the world is home to dramatically diverse landscapes and the vastest exciting and challenging weather conditions to paint in. From jagged and dangerous coastlines, to the immense expanses of moorlands and the most magical of forests, it is, for Joe a joy and a privilege to be able to live and paint in such an exceptional part of the world. Everyone is welcome to join us for this celebration of the exquisite richness of the South West.

6th January 2020