‘Dorset hues’ John Dimech & Ruth Paris 10th June – 16th June Courtyard Gallery

Dorset hues

An exhibition by John and Ruth Paris Dimech showcasing the
beauty, colours and character of Dorset through paintings on
canvas, board and glass. A celebration of the county!John Dimech

John developed his art at a very young age through watching his
cousins, who were also artists. He paints in oils, watercolour and
Acrylics, the latter becoming his favourite medium as it allows him
the freedom of expression he wants to get in his paintings. He now
paints both ‘Impressionist style’ canvases, as well as Abstracts. He
finds the latter a totally different experience in that more attention
has to be given to colour balance and aesthetics. John wants the
viewer to enjoy not only ‘seeing’ the paintings, but also to share the
same ‘feeling’ of the joy he experienced while he painted them.


Ruth Paris

Ruth’s art is constantly evolving in style as well as in genre’
Most recently, she has enjoyed painting on glass using
quality solvent-based paints, which have qualities she’s
come to enjoy. One of her greatest passions as an artist is the
use of light and tone. It is pure alchemy and turns something
very flat into the most extraordinary composition.
She is mesmerised by the luminescent quality that light has
on the image, so she frames it in a way where it is raised
enough to allow the light to reach from behind and escape
through the translucent parts of the glass painting. Inspired
by the natural world around her, whether it’s in in the
countryside around her home or at the seaside it all forages
her imagination.

6th January 2021