Julie Oldfield 4 metals 21st March-3rd April 2019

Julie Oldfield – 4 Metals
21 March – 3 April 2019

The Malthouse Gallery @ The Town Mill
The Malthouse Gallery at the Town Mill will host Julie Oldfield’s latest mixed media
exhibition ‘Four Metals’ from 21 March to 3 April 2019, where she will be showing
her new sky and seascape paintings. She will also be giving a talk at the gallery, at 6
p.m. Saturday 23 March about her arts practice, her inspirations and her pioneering
mixed media techniques on copper brass and other metal sheets. All are welcome to
Explaining her new work, Julie said, “I have always enjoyed the spectacle and variety
of changing skies and how weather, along with the time of day and season, plays
with the light. Every moment is unique in detail, yet weather has a repetition and
character that we respond to with various emotions – joy, awe, fascination and even
fear when extreme.
“I take inspiration from living on the Jurassic Coast. The sea gives reflections and an
increased luminance, as well as a horizon that exposes the sky to its full potential,
making a special visual experience.
“As an artist, I want to capture the different moods that skies give, especially the
translucence and colours of a low sun through clouds and its play of light on the sea.
My images are not intended to be exact records, like a photograph. My work gives
an impression of the environment and is intended to provoke contemplation and an
emotional response.
“Over the last few years I have been developing my own experimental techniques to
do this. My work increasingly uses mixed media on metal sheets – typically copper,
brass and aluminum. Some of my new work uses stainless steel (hence ‘Four Metals’
as my exhibition title). The metal sheets are heated and treated with various
chemicals to produce different colours and textures as a foundation, before sprays
and pastels are added.
“Treating and exposing the base metal in different ways gives a distinctive quality to
my paintings. These experimental techniques also have unpredictable and
unforeseen results that can inspire the development of each image. I am pleased
with the results of using stainless steel as a new base material and am looking
forward to showing these at the exhibition.
“I am constantly experimenting and refining my arts practice. So far, using metal has
been the best mimic of sky luminance that I have found. It has been an exciting
journey to explore. While the journey is by no means over, I am pleased with my
progress and the paintings I will be showing at Four Metals. I hope you can come to

the exhibition.”

6th March 2019