Lin Cudlipp ‘ A Walk along the Strandline ’17th -23rd June Courtyard Gallery

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Exhibition:  A walk along the strandline


I am a lover of the wild, vast open spaces, big skies, where land meets sea, a place of gazing and contemplation, a place of belonging, feeling at home.  I have always lived near the ocean.  I am a thalassophile; never happier than when I am walking the strandline, on the edge of the unknown, exploring its mysteries and delights, enjoying the sensory experience of just being in that special place.

Painting is for me another language, a visual one I use to express what I experience and feel in these places, remembered colours, light and space, atmosphere.  My paintings place you the viewer in the wild, on the edge, they are an invitation to contemplate and connect with your own memories and experiences.

A walk along the strandline is an exhibition of my paintings and the many other objects my walks have inspired, handmade artists books, 3d collages inspired by beach finds made with clay, manipulated textiles and canvas, handmade artists cards and giclee prints.

6th January 2021