Lin Cudlipp ‘Ode to the sea’ 24th – 30th June


I am a lover of the wild, vast, open spaces, big skies
where land meets sea, a place of gazing and
contemplation, a place of belonging, my place. I am
a thalassophile, happiest when I am walking the
strandline, curious to explore its mysteries and
delights. I stand on the edge of the unknown,
immersed in my surroundings, absorbing, sketching,
enjoying the sensory experience of simply being in
that special place.
Painting is for me another language, a visual one to
express what I experience and feel, remembered
colours, light and atmosphere woven into paint to
evoke that sense of place, to take me back there.
My paintings place you the viewer in the wild, on the
edge of the unknown, gazing, feeling, they are an
invitation to contemplate and connect with your own
memories and experiences, a space to breathe.

18th April 2022