Local Hospitality Free visit to The Town Mill 17th May

Tuesday 17 th May 5 pm or 6 pm free tour of The Town Mill
The Town Mill in Lyme Regis is inviting local hospitality owners in the area to a free viewing of the Mill, Lyme’s best kept secret. Each tour will last one hour, involve being shown around the three floors of the ancient water mill by one or two of our volunteer millers, and seeing how the grain is milled into flour, using the power of the water wheel to turn the millstones. At the end of the tour, guests will be served with drinks and a complimentary bag of one of our flours (organic stoneground wheat, rye or spelt). This very special flour is sold only in our shop, and is used by a select number of local restaurants. Hopefully hospitality owners will subsequently be able to recommend the Mill to their visitors, and we believe you will be impressed by the experience.
Two tours are being offered, at 5pm and 6pm on Tuesday 17th May.
To register for this free event contact petrinatownmill@gmail.com
Photographer Alison webber
12th May 2022