Michael Stride 22nd September – 5th October Malthouse Gallery

Michael Stride and Fiona Powell-Tuck


Michael Stride

 Celebrating twenty years working in Lyme.

Energetic watercolours and textured acrylics with new explorations with mixed media working the powerful force of nature on the land and sea.

Originals and giclee prints, large and small.

I work to breath life into a painting with a sense of movement on the landscape, the play of light on water, the effects of changing weather or incidental figures sometimes only suggested.  These can dictate composition, shape and colour, influencing the representational elements of nature or architecture in my work, attempting to awake forgotten feelings of place within the observer.

After a long wide ranging career as a prominent freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Surrey I have enjoyed many successful exhibitions in the South West and London since moving to Lyme twenty years ago.


Fiona Powell-Tuck


Space, shape and colour in landscape.

I work directly from a subject or landscape, observing, exploring and sometimes letting colour ad shape take over.  The original image can become abstracted. Shape and spaces interest me and together with colour, I work to achieve a balanced image. Colour can be linked to, but not necessarily true to the subject.

When drawing landscapes I usually purposely work fast and loosely, letting accidents happen.  The landscapes in this exhibition, as well as Europe, include the dramatic

coastlines of North Devon and Cornwall.

I have been painting seriously for about 20 years and have previously exhibited in London.  My teacher and mentor has been Bobby Gill (Royal College of Art).

My original training was in Fashion Design and I worked in that field for some years including running my own small business, designing for theatre and working at the Fashion and Textile Department of the Royal College of Art

6th January 2021