Mike Mcgoran Malthouse Gallery 18th November -2nd December 2019

Mike McGoran Photographer

Mike worked for eight years as a food and still life photographer for Marks and Spencer before setting up his own studio in Camden working mainly for advertising agencies for clients as diverse as Sony, Maclaren, Polaroid, Gore-Tex, Norwich Union ( Aviva ), Symantec and Santander. He enjoys the challenges presented in advertising where every brief is different. Mike is a member of the Association of Photographers.

He has exhibited in Kew Gardens, Wakehurst Place, Cite de la Mer in Dieppe and the beautiful Chateau de Bosmelet in Normandy. His prints are held in private collections in France and the UK.

The images presented in this exhibition are personal and the result of many years exploring and often revisiting locations when light and weather conditions create a certain mood. The memory of trees from childhood summers in rural Ireland have influenced his choice of subject.

The square format is more in tune with a slower, more contemplative way of working which is an enjoyable contrast to working to deadlines in commercial work. Compositions in a square are less dynamic than the usual rectangle and allow the eye to wander more slowly around the fine detail and textures of a print. All images have been taken on film using a forty year old Hasselblad 500 C/M which is totally mechanical and technically more demanding than digital cameras. A range of lenses between 40mm and 250mm has been used.

This exhibition has been printed by Melvin Cambettie Davis of Master Mono darkrooms in London. Melvin has had fifty five years experience in fine art black and white printing. The prints are fibre base gelatin silver hand printed to archival standards. They have a fine tonal range, richness and depth which is difficult to emulate with digital media. Prints are limited edition and verso signed, dated and numbered.

6th August 2019