Natasha Hayball 19th – 20th March ‘One Two Three’ Malthouse Gallery

“‘One, Two, Three’ is a body of work which documents my nephew Alfie’s , growth throughout being one, two and three years old. ‘One, Two, Three’ is inspired by Alfie’s current favourite colours, toys and activities but also considers themes of childhood and the feeling of home. Within these artworks, I celebrate the quiet everyday moments and create stories from my personal photographs.

This body of work is a series of more refined and work in progress pieces, to show my process when translating work from an idea to finished piece. Within the ‘One, Two, Three’ exhibition, there will also be a workshop style space for younger visitors to create and respond imaginatively to the immersive experience of the exhibition and to encourage creative thinking and the development of self-expression.”

“I am an A Level student from The Woodroffe School. I am currently studying A Level Art & Design, Photography & Environmental Science. Alongside my studies, I have also just completed a year-long course with the Royal Academy Of Arts ‘attRAct programme’.
Since exploring a variety of different mediums, the root of my work has always been a place for experimentation. My goal is to translate the wonder found in everyday life.  My most recent work document’s themes within the feeling of home, growth, memory, and sentimentality. I am looking forward to sharing what I have been working on with the wider community. “

10th February 2022