Open Exhibition 7th August-23rd August 10.30pm-4.30pm

7th August – 23rd August Open Exhibition


Malthouse and Courtyard Galleries

Artists: Sue Hodgetts: Chris Goodman: Steve Manning: Dorothy Wood: Natasha Heboitch: Christine Rodgers: Stephen Collins: Moya Paul: Neve  Wellman: Trixi Walker: Sue Paradise: Russell Coulson: Sue Barnes: Frances Dale: Rod Hill: Mark Megilley: George Paul Sainsbury: Caroline Liddington: Sarah Butler: Terry Donaldson: Davis Highet: Adrian Grey: Anna Price: Barbara Green: Moira Baumbach: Hugh Dunford Wood: Lynda White : Julie Oldfield: Paula Youens: Delphine Jones: Vanessa Smith.

This is a rare opportunity to view and purchase works of art from new artist and established artists local to the area.


2nd August 2019