Pop Up Painting Exhibition Julie Oldfield 12th June – 26th June

Julie Oldfield will be showing a range of her metal sheet and canvas paintings at a ‘Pop Up’ exhibition in the Town Mill’s Courtyard Gallery, Lyme Regis from 12 – 26 June.


Julie has gained a reputation for her innovative mixed media work, creating stunning sky and landscapes. She is a pioneer in the use of metal patination, where she treats her metal sheets (typically copper or brass) with heat, various chemical reactions and natural weathering to cause changes in colour and texture. This gives a foundation that she develops with spray paints and pastels to complete her images.


Her work on canvas uses texture and weathering to build her paintings. She often incorporates local materials from the location that inspired the painting, such as sand or soil. These textures can subtly change the impression of the work, depending on the angle the viewer sees the painting from.


Julie said, “I love experimenting with the processes I use. Sometimes I get surprising results, which can change my original plans for the painting. They are not intended to be a literal picture of a landscape, like a photograph. Instead, I want to give a feel for a scene, which the viewer can respond to in an emotional and meditative way.”


Julie’s work is in high demand and she has gained a loyal following of collectors, both locally and nationally. Come and see why at the Town Mill exhibition, DT7 3PU, open daily from 10.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Some of her work can also be seen online at www.julieoldfield.com  


For information, contact Julie Oldfield:


Mobile: 07775422501

Email: julieoldfield2000@hotmail.com


10th June 2019