‘SEA CHANGE’ Rebecca Meltzer 1st – 7th July Courtyard Gallery

Rebecca Meltzer

‘Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.’
Ariel, The Tempest

Sea Change charts an artistic and psychological journey, a shift in
perspective, and a greater connection with the surrounding landscape: sea
and sky.
Over the past year, as the pace of life began to slow, I found myself tuning
in more acutely to my local environment, drawing inspiration from its
underlying stability. Gradually, I became aware of the bold rhythm of the
tides, the shifting cloudscapes, the constancy of the ocean, and the
dynamic alliance between these complimentary elements.
Working mostly in oil on panel, I have explored the relationship between
colour, texture and space in seeking to discover the meeting-point between
representation and abstraction. Inspired by the Jurassic coastline, this
series invites the viewer to reflect on their own experience of Sea Change
in relation to the natural elements around us.


Rebecca Meltzer is a Landscape painter based between London and
West Dorset. She draws inspiration from the vastly dramatic Jurassic
coastline and the ever-changing patterns of light across the ocean,
attempting to capture movement with energetic brush marks, space and
texture. Her work has been exhibited at the by the Royal Institute of
Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries (2020), the Southwest Academy of
Fine Art at Exeter Castle (2019), and she was a Wild Card winner in the
2018 Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.


6th January 2021