Richard Kaye – Recent Works 13th – 25th August

Richard Kaye – Artist and Printmaker
Richard was born in Coventry, later moving to Lyme Regis where he lived before
going to Bournemouth to study art. Focusing on fine art.
Richard has always loved making art of some kind, whether it be a simple drawing of
whatever might be in front of him, or a complex print.
Recently he has been fixated with printmaking and painting in particular, often
focusing on somewhat unexpected subject matter. Past series of prints included
scaffolding, telegraph poles, cranes and communications masts. With his focus
largely being on creating a bold and satisfying composition. His works often include
angular and industrial subject matter. He loves these subjects as they are often
ignored and yet offer up so many great compositional opportunities.
His most recent print work focuses on Brutalist architecture. The composition is
crucial to Richard and he ensures the images are both striking and bold. Once screen
printed he hand tints each print using watercolour. Therefore although each print is
part of an edition, it’s also a one off.
Seeing these prints finished made Richard think that they would make real sense as
images for a street-wear brand. As they were just so bold, striking, modern and hard
edged. So he decided to start the brand 2_Brutal. The name relates to the brutalist
architecture he has become so obsessed by. The first 2 designs are now for sale in
selected stores.
For most of 2020 Richard has focused on his painting which has a very geometric and
architectural feel. The abstract landscapes that he paints are imagined spaces, but
definitely influenced by the south coast of Devon, especially Lyme Regis and the
surrounding area. Some of the work has noticeable cliffs etc, although it’s the
architectural elements and colours that set it apart. His work takes the viewer on a
journey around the canvas, as the eye is compelled to move from one angle to the
next. Richard thinks this is a part of the interaction between the angles and
contrasting colour choices, so it tends to be very vibrant and modern in feel. All the
recent work is hand framed by Richard in white tray frames, playing into that
modern, sharp and edgy feel.

18th April 2022