Robin Shelton ‘Elements’. Malthouse Gallery 25th November – 5th December

During the pandemic many people turned to art activities to stave off boredom or because they now had time. For some established artists – with galleries closed –  it was a chance to explore new ways of working and also of maintaining mental health through the uncertainties of the past year and a half.


‘Elements’, a new show curated by Alison Shelton Brown, brings together six artists inspired by making in times of isolation. This is an opportunity to look at paintings, photography and videos, try on jewellery, and handle a mug or bowl for real, all at affordable prices. Work inspired by the landscape of the Jurassic Coast, which was even more precious when we were unable to travel.



Painting – Jonathan Mulvaney & Hazel Dormer

Ancient/analogue photography – Robin Shelton

Ceramics – Daniel Richardson, Charlie Salaman & Alison Shelton Brown

Jewellery & Video – Alison Shelton Brown

28th December 2020