Alistair Briggs 21st August-27th August Courtyard Gallery

Seascapes and Dream Catchers

Courtyard Gallery, The Town Mill, Lyme Regis


11 am -4.30 pm


The retroORIGINAL series is an eclectic mix of images – places, objects and creatures.


Since moving to the East Devon / Dorset border, just outside Lyme Regis, we have captured many images of Lyme and the surrounding area… We’re spoilt for choice, of course, living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.


The Seascapes and Dreamcatchers exhibition illustrates many of Lyme’s iconic views and those that simply made us smile or captured our imagination from around Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Alistair JD Briggs director . writer . producer fine art photographer


Alistair Briggs is a highly experienced, award-winning Director, Writer and Producer.

With more than 25 years making creative film and video – corporate television, commercials, virals, training and educational films for many leading companies and organisations. Telling great stories about small businesses, large businesses, education, the Public Sector, charities and the voluntary sector.


Alistair created the retroORIGINAL series because he wanted to explore the potential of making fine art photographs entirely on an iPhone.


By using the Hipstamatic app, he has been able to create evocative, ‘retro’ images, reminiscent of traditional photographic ‘silver nitrate’ film images.


We live in a highly digital age, where we are able to capture images in such detail, almost beyond what the human eye can see – the retroORIGINAL series takes us back to when photography captured an impression of the world around us, leaving our imaginations to fill in the gaps.


‘I photograph things I simply come across – I rarely plan a shot. Each is a spur of the moment snap-shot of what is happening around me. Photographed entirely on an iPhone, together with a Hipstamatic app that produces evocative, retro images – places, objects and creatures, that come together to create the RetroOriginal series’.


Photography has always been much more than simply recording what we might be doing at any given moment. Photography is about capturing, and holding, unique, magical moments.


Kate Briggs

Events Facilitator

Kate (as Kate Sturgess), has spent many years working in television, corporate video and live events. Kate is also the founder of by Higgins Ltd and inventor of the Halter Hangar.


‘As a freelancer, I have been fortunate enough to have spent much of my life outdoors and am at my happiest in a pair of wellies in a field. Or these days, on a beach, minus the wellies! Having moved to the coast just four years ago, I am still like a big kid when I see the sea: it delights me to be able to collect all these wonderful new experiences as photos, so I can revisit the moment time and time again.’


Together, Kate and Alistair produced the six part film ‘Finding a Way to Contented Dementia’, which documents the experiences of a number of ‘accidental’ dementia carers (including Kate herself) and the work of the Contented Dementia Trust.





29th August 2019