Experience The Working Watermill

We are the only volunteer-run, non-commercial mill that mills virtually every day of the year. Miller-guided tours are offered daily in exchange for a donation to our charitable trust. Our volunteers will tell you about the fascinating rescue and restoration of the mill, and demonstrate the giant waterwheel powering the half-ton millstones as they grind the grain into our delicious flour.

The miller made a wonderful job of making the history of The Mill come alive!

We are a registered charity (number 104 16 14) and we welcome donations to help secure the future of this very special piece of our heritage.

Opening Hours:

Open Daily 11:00am – 4.00pm (subject to volunteer availability)

Please call us first on 01297 444042 if planning a special journey, to avoid disappointment.

At the moment we are unable to accept credit cards, Please bring cash