Miller’s Garden

The Miller’s garden is a tranquil space, designed to use plants that would have been available to the miller and his wife in an earlier century. The plan creates four raised beds around a small mulberry tree, divided by gravel paths. The four beds have been planned as four distinct areas, one dedicated to herbs, one to fruit and flowers, one to vegetables, and the last area is a physic plot.

An arbour is being created around the bench to form an area of green shade and fruit trees run along the high wall between the garden and the mill leat footpath. Work on the garden started in 2000, clearing rubbish and controlling the ground elder that had overrun the garden. This was followed by the construction of the raised beds with willow edging and planting, and the addition of sculptures and land art.

The garden is managed by a team of volunteers. We always welcome new plants – if you have a plant contribution or would like to join the gardening team, please do get in touch.