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Lyme Regis Brewery

Entrance: off The Town Mill courtyard
Open: 11am to 5pm weekends, 9am to 5pm weekdays

Lyme Regis Brewery is impressive – industrial looking, but on a human scale. From the courtyard, Lyme Regis Brewery doors open to three, huge, polished, steel tanks standing on a floor that is spotless from its recent hose-down. Appropriately it's located in part of the ancient Malthouse, which was first documented in the 18th century, where malt was roasted and then ground at The Town Mill for local brewers.

Sample the brews

Our micro-brewery is open every day of the week and whoever's on duty will invite you to try one of the range of award-winning beers. You can, of course, take the well-packaged beer home with you – but why not linger, take a seat in The Town Mill courtyard and enjoy a quiet half? Richard, the brewery manager, will gladly explain the differences between Miller's Mild and the "bigger, beefier Town Mill Best" or the light, summery Lyme Gold. The Lyme Regis Brewery's master brewer
is highly skilled in balancing both the ingredients and the process. Better make that a pint, then.

A perfect life!

Lyme Regis Brewery employs six local people – two of these full time. Each day Alfie, the drayman, arrives with a delivery of barley. As in the old times, he's an indispensable member of the team: "He'll turn his hand to practically anything." And what about Richard? After holidaying in Lyme Regis for 25 years, two years ago he moved here and became Lyme Regis Brewery manager. Now he's also a director: "I run a brewery, it's by the sea and I walk to work – it's perfect!"