HELIOS : Curated by Ali Shelton-Brown : 21 – 30 June : OPEN DAILY 1000-1700

In Greek mythology, Helios, the Sun God, dashes daily from east to west in a chariot pulled by his galloping horses. A heartening picture as we approach the summer solstice in June looking forward to longer and sunnier days. The upcoming show ‘Helios’ at the Malthouse Gallery in Lyme Regis which opens on the Summer equinox celebrates this love for the outdoors, nature and our world.

For this exhibition, talented curator Alison Shelton Brown has invited artists and makers from around the South West to display a wide variety of materials and techniques at a range of prices. Along with those already mentioned, there will also be painting, jewellery, leatherwork, textiles, glass, lighting and ceramic sculpture. Something for everyone to see, touch and enjoy, with artist demonstrations throughout the ten days.

Ceramist Jane Staniland was so inspired by the title she immediately set about drawing Helios and his horses charging around her vessels. She says, ‘The sun and searching for it warms my heart. It is the source of light and life. In the good old British summer, I am hoping my pots will encourage the sun to shine on us all in this beautiful seaside town of Lyme Regis.’

The tiniest of pin-pricks allows the full might of the sun to reveal a moment in time and this phenomenon is captured on out-of-date film using home-made pinhole cameras by Robin Shelton, then printed onto expired paper stocks in his darkroom; often with painterly, dream-like results. He will be talking about these pinhole camera techniques during the week in the gallery.

Bronwen loves living by the sea and the tideline provides a wealth of resources for making. Eroding cliffs bring richly coloured ochres to the beach which is sadly often littered with brightly coloured plastic. Bronwen turns this uncomfortable combination of natural and unnatural materials into beautiful and meaningful art and jewellery. 

Bridport maker Sharon Campbell AKA Silver & Slate is inspired by nature and its subtle colours and textures when creating her contemporary textiles. Using a hand operated knitting machine and where possible Dead Stock yarn, from mills which have ceased production, or End of Line yarn from UK producers, she makes wool fabric. This is then felted, embellished, embroidered and made into scarves, snoods and wraps or combined with oilcloth to make artists paintbrush wraps and other accessories.

Designer and maker of indoor furniture pieces, specifically coffee and side tables. Alex Brooks focuses on capturing and enhancing the natural characteristics of the timbers grain features and shape. This ethos results in unique statement pieces telling the life story of the tree. A cross between functional furniture and natural art. Timber is sourced locally and sustainably from nearby farmland in Wootton Fitzpaine and his small family woodland in the west country. He is constantly looking for the most interesting characterful, windfallen trees to take slices from.

Richard Jeffery gets nostalgic for a childhood of simple playthings using the unpredictable technique of raku firing clay toys. Rockets, racing cars, boats and robots all receive the unforgiving treatment of the smoke pit which imbues them with the unmistakable touch of fire and magic.

Alex Brooks furniture

Bronwen Gwillim jewellery

Daphne Roach textiles

Helen Eastham glass

Jonathan Mulvaney painting

Jane Staniland ceramics

Janine Partington leather and jewellery

Reworked lighting

Richard Jeffery ceramics

Robin Shelton pinhole photography

Silver & Slate textiles

Alison Shelton Brown sculpture

For more information please contact Alison Shelton Brown on 07811 102216 or hello@alisonsheltonbrown.art

26th March 2024