PERCEPTIONS : Heather Coley – Mary Noon – Juliet Giron – Edward Hall – Vivienne Littley : 26 April until 2 May – Open daily 10.30 – 16.30

Perception is defined as ‘to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses’. This exhibition will explore how five local artists, each with their own individual styles and skills, perceive and interpret different aspects of the world around them – and we’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming them all to the gallery this Spring.


Edward Hall’s formative years in rural Essex and Cumbria nurtured his love of the outdoors and a lifelong passion for exploring and interpreting the landscapes around him through painting. In 2017, after a busy career as a chartered landscape architect that left little time for painting, and following a successful first solo exhibition in Oxford, he decided on a lifestyle change that resulted in a move to West Dorset. This gave Edward the chance to devote serious time to painting, working from his own studio. He now draws his inspiration from the dramatic coastal and inland landscapes of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and has exhibited in Bridport and Lyme Regis. In the ‘Perceptions’ exhibition, he is showing his most recent ‘Dorset Landscapes’, not previously exhibited, along with a selection of work from his ‘Portraits of Golden Cap’ series. All paintings are in oils. Other work can be viewed on his website:


Heather is a textile artist who is inspired by colour and texture both in natural and man made environments. She uses many different processes to express her interpretations of the things which excite her. Mixed media, hand and machine embroidery, felt and paper making and a variety of surface decoration are all possible in her 2d and 3d work


Mary has been a practising artist since 2015, previously running her own business in the field of dyslexia. She moved from Surrey to West Dorset in 2018, and having retired at the end of 2021, she now has more time to devote to her interest in art.

Mary is intensely interested in texture and this tends to dominate her more recent work. Her colour palette is often limited, instead using texture as the emphasis. Her more recent work has seen a movement towards collage and collagraphs, the latter being prints made from a collaged plate. Her subject choice is varied, though there is a tendency to return to seascapes and landscapes, taking inspiration from the beautiful Dorset countryside and Jurassic coastline.

Acrylic paints permit the dramatic representations of wild seas, with texture worked into the acrylic, while watercolour is treated in an untraditional manner, often combining this medium with gesso or masking fluid to allow light and textures to be created. Mary continues to experiment and consequently, her work is continually evolving. This, combined with a varied subject matter is represented in the exhibition’s eclectic mix.

Mary also works in textiles. Her interest in textures have led her to move from dressmaking to patchwork which lends itself to adding further textures through quilting. 


Juliet is a Devon based watercolour/mixed media artist, inspired by the sea after living in Cornwall for many years. Juliet now lives in and am inspired by the beautiful Devon countryside and works from a studio in the garden, interspersing her painting with gardening whilst waiting for the paint to dry.

Juliet says “I’m definitely more productive over the summer than the winter due to the nature of my office, but nevertheless feel the need to paint almost daily. I love the organic nature of watercolour and the surprises it offers up.”


Vivienne has always been interested in art – but a relocation to the Jurassic Coast in 2017 with her two daughters was the inspiration to start painting in a professional capacity.

Vivienne’s artwork is wonderfully diverse, ranging from intricate pen and ink portraits to larger, abstract acrylic canvases. Her painting have a calm, often ethereal, non-literal quality. The intention is to convey a sense of peace and tranquillity – an escape from the everyday.

Vivienne often utilises the effects of iridescant and metallic mediums to create light and depth that varies when viewed from different angles.

Vivienne is the official artist for EveryDoctorUK – a doctor-led campaign organisation, fighting for abetter NHS. For more information go to


Instagram : lucyintheskye_art

Twitter : @littley_art

27th February 2024